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Grow your organisation

How can I help you? What's the question just ask!



How can I help you? 

What's the question just ask!

Having worked with a wide range of organisations over the years I am in a position to bring a wealth of consultancy experience to support your charity or social enterprise to grow, to be more sustainable and become more effective, helping you to make a real difference.

Grow your organisation fundraising, strategy, development consultancy


Good Governance is key to a Charity's success and reputation. I can facilitate Board away days, and support their development.

I have recently qualified as a consultant and reviewer in the use of Digi-Board™. This is an online tool that can de-mystify governance for charity boards so everyone can contribute to this important area regardless of their governance knowledge or experience. Digi-Board™ has been developed to explore the principles that contribute to good governance 

Using this online tool, I can produce reports and findings using both quantitative and qualitative data to enable the Board and Senior Leaders to identify areas that need improvement, as well as those that are excellent! From this we can work on an action plan for improvement. For those charities that can truly demonstrate good governance this can only increase the public’s trust in them leading to high income and enhance their sustainability.

Strategy & business planning, change management


With a wide range of charity consultancy experience supporting and delivering strategic and business plans along with change management I can support your organisations development. I can facilitate your Board, Teams and others in developing the plans, ensuring they are realistic, timely, challenging yet achievable. This could involve:

  • A review of how you are doing
  • A review of your mission and vision
  • Consultations with beneficiaries, stakeholders, staff and volunteers, Trustees
  • Financial, fundraising and income generation reviews
  • Facilitating away days to scope the way forward, visioning the future
  • Develop with you the strategic plans and operational plans for the next few years
  • Development of impact measures, key performance indicators and milestones
  • Trouble shooting – impartial reviews and advice

Income generation & fundraising


Bringing charity consultancy experience and skills developed over many years I can advise you on or support your:

  • Fundraising and income generation
  • Bid writing and grant applications
  • Income diversification, monetisation and      commercialisation

Team development


The Four Seasons ModelTM of your team

The Four Seasons ModelTM is a behavioural preference model and it is based on the extensive works of Carl Jung. The model was developed by Steve O’Smotherly of Now That’s Different and is used extensively on the Clore Leadership courses. The model describes four different character types; they refer to these character types as ‘Seasonal Types’ and they are: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. It can be used on three different levels:

  • on a personal level - for all employees, regardless of role or position 
  • at a leadership level - for aspiring and existing managers and leaders and
  • at an organisational level - for strategic decision-making fundraising 

Programmes & activities


Bringing a wealth of consultancy experience as a programme manager and a funder I can help you develop your charity activities and processes. 

This could include:

  • Needs analysis and development of new  programmes, models
  • Process review and refinement
  • Theory of change modelling  
  • Making an impact, outcomes, outputs, milestones and evaluations
  • Problem solving
  • Volunteer management
  • Facilitation of Team away days

In fact, if you have a question, idea or a problem contact me to see how together we can find a answer, solution and success!

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